Everything is good for something
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Everything is good for something

As a result of the conversation with T today, I realised that a lot of the stresses I’ve been holding in tension in this season of my life, do not justify the amount of attention that I have given them. Let me explain.

The typical Gen Y part of me carries a burden for the injustices of this world and a need to want to be part of the change. As such, my most recent thoughts revolve around the quest for goodness, and the seeds of grace, truth and hope that have yet to be sown in the communities we live in.

How do these fit in within the framework of the work that we do here at OZHut? How do we as a business living amidst our community, serve our people and our nation in a manner that outworks all these ambitions that our entire Generation longs for. Social Justice, Environmental Sustainability and Community Development roughly summarize the main issues that we crave to see addressed by our leaders and those in power.

So the natural thing to do is to look at what’s in your hands right? To count your blessings, and the things that you have been given stewardship over. And as much as possible, allow these passions to outwork themselves through the things you have ownership of. I think the challenge for me has been to identify as clearly as possible the questions of: What is OZHut good for? What are our limitations as a business? What are the spin offs that occur as a result of us being present that DO represent goodness, bring about positive change and cultivate healthy communities?

I think for a good number of months, I was asking the wrong questions. I found myself caught in this cycle of wrestling out the inabilities of the company to solve all the problems and issues that my heart resonate with. The tensions between holding out hope for true positive change in the world in multiple areas and the role that the company can/will play in all of that. As noble as it may sound, these were merely distracting thoughts that were not helping me at all. In fact, they were the ones that discouraged and despaired me consistently.

The truth that finally set me free is realising that the right question to ask is a simple one : What is this vehicle called OZHut good for? I strongly believe in the principle that everything on this earth, from stone to leaf, SME to large corporation, street sweeper to President, every darn thing, is good for something. In that light, it is imperative that I also ask this same question of OZhut to determine its fundamental limitations as a vehicle, but also its potential to carry and share some of the goodness that I believe we are all called to sow in our personal lives, the lives of those around us, and the communities we live in. As this vehicle drives through our neighbourhoods, my hope is that we’d be able to see with utmost clarity our mission, and to celebrate what goodness we are called to bring about, and to forgive our limitations. Besides, all we really need is enough passionate and fully alive people all over the world doing what they believe is their little good and the world will indeed be a Good-er place 🙂

Wai Hong Fong
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