Knowing your season

Knowing your season

Competitive gamers know that winning a game requires us to understand the seasons and match our actions accordingly.

In most games, it's as simple as the early, mid and late phases.

Each of these phases would require a different playbook - a set of rules and principles which help you build an advantage over your opponents.

By applying the right mindset and executing according to the season, you eventually build enough of an advantage to drive forward a victory.

In business, or life, this same principle works.

But one big difference is that it's much harder to tell the season outside of the simpler confines of a game. There's no timer. No hero levelling system. No bounties and towers and objectives to reference.

But the signs are there. When we see the leaves turn yellow. When the wind starts to feel that slight bit colder. When the sun sets that little bit earlier.

It's probably why listening is one of our most valuable skills. Or simply our ability to observe and process little details in our surroundings. But for those of us that master even portions of this, we find success comes somewhat predictably in those portions of life.

Wai Hong Fong
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