OZKitchenware – Our most exciting endeavour yet!

OZKitchenware – Our most exciting endeavour yet!

Hi everyone!

It’s been really eerily quiet here over the last couple of months as we wade through challenge after challenge in the business. I apologize for the lack of updates and will commit to posting more regularly! I think part of it is trying not to get too caught up with being perfectionistic on what to write about.

So…. After months of preparation, and 2 weeks of intense work…

we’ve done it.

it. is. finished. (or has it really just begun?)

let me give you a hint. it has something to do with kitchenware 🙂

Introducing – Australia’s Favourite Kitchenware store into our Family of stores!

Featuring a full range of product from your favourite brands like Scanpan, Cuisinart, Global Knives and more(with MORE to come!), we’re really excited to continue to serve our customers, community, friends and family in this new area. More than half the team are passionate foodies and we love to cook AND eat 😛

As part of the launch, we’ll be announcing a very special Friends and Family Sale soon! I have a few friends already saying they might look at something for an upcoming wedding they were attending or birthday. So if you’re interested come back again in 2 days. Will hope to have the details by then.

Wai Hong Fong
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