Superman Saves the Day in Melbourne – Bucks Night Out
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Superman Saves the Day in Melbourne – Bucks Night Out

So we had a pretty epic day on Saturday.

We were all out celebrating a friend’s final week before enrolling into the school of marriage.

Surfing in the morning and horseriding in the afternoon.

Of course, to complete the ritual, we needed to do something crazy in the evening/night right?

So we dressed up our dear friend Heng Khuen Cheok, as none other than SUPERMAN!

of course, as the night progressed, our superman had obtained 4 kisses from different random girls on the street including wonderwoman herself!

As we were walking back to our cars to call it a night, we saw a car hit a red light and knocked a man on swanston street. Our Superman, who also happens to be an emergency doctor by day, runs off to help out.

While there, he was told to piss off by the other bystander who happened to be a paramedic, thinking this was some drunk dude dressed in a superman costume trying to make it a joke.

Of course, the best part was when the police arrived and you ended up with the epic photo below of superman saving the day:

So how the heck is this post even on this blog?

Well, first of all, I’m proud of being a part of this epic event 🙂 Truly a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Secondly, business is in many ways very much like this. Being in the right place in the right time with the right people and dressed up in the right superman suit 🙂

Wai Hong Fong
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