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Aloha. As I’m getting more understanding of the ecosystem here in Malaysia, I’m starting to see a few opportunities here and there.

For one, I just signed up for an account on MyEG’s make the pitch. Seems like it’s an interesting programme giving startups a nationwide platform for their ideas. The sign up process is a little rough on the edges, but here’s our profile for Storehub’s MyEG Pitch.

Let me know if you’ve had any experience with this!


DesignCrowd Logo Design experience Review for

So as some of you guys may know, I recently launched which is simply the front I use when people come to me looking for consulting work.

I bought a simple wordpress theme and implemented it fairly quickly.

Of course, I needed a new logo designed for the site.

I had a friend who started work at DesignCrowd lately, so I decided to try it out instead of the other design sites I’ve heard about.

Overall, I paid $277.59 for the project and got over 40+ designs after only 4 days. By this time, I had found one which I really liked so I didn’t actually wait for the end of the 10 days I had allocated. Probably could have gotten more designs that way. But, very much like the way I do my shopping, if I like it, I’m sold. There and then.

So here’s what the new logo looks like.

I thought the whole process was well guided by a really good UI that the designcrowd guys have put together. The checkout process was seamless, the design process was well guided. I also signed up for the social media promotion feature, which was pretty neat. For a small fee they’d tweet your project out via their twitter account.

All in all, a very pleasant experience so I would highly recommend them to anyone wanting to do some logo designs at Designcrowd.


10 Killer tools for eCommerce Success

Some people have requested that I posted up the 10 tools I’ve been sharing at the Online Retailer Roadshow.

Thank you to those who took the time to encourage me and hopefully these tools will help you towards greater success in your own eCommerce journeys.

So here it is:

SEOMOZ – One of the best SEO tools + highly reputable Blogs out there

Opensiteexplorer – Replacement for yahoo site explorer and great for gauging a domain’s strength/competitiveness of a market

Usertesting – For $39, get a 15 min video of someone completing a few tasks on your site. Great usability testing tool.

Crazyegg – Track mouseclicks, scrolling and extended mouse hovers to assess design elements & usability

Kampyle – Collect feedback from your customers and use them to your advantage.

Google Website Optimizer – Do A/B or split tests of changes you make on site to ensure what you’re changing is actually helping and not hurting

7 ) Google Remarketing – ‘Stalk’ your visitors around the web to gain brand recognition and conversions with good ROI

8 ) Mailchimp – One of the best email marketing platforms out there.

9 ) Google Analytics & Google Alerts – Analytics is a must have if you don’t already have it, and google alerts keep you up to date with new appearances in the search index of specific keywords you choose

10 ) Terapeak – eBay data that will help you zoom in on products you should be selling and understand market potential


The Age Melbourne Magazine Top 100 Most Influential Creative Inspirational People – 2011

Couple of weeks ago, I unexpectedly received a phone call saying that I was selected to be on The Age Melbourne Magazine’s Top 100.

According to Fairfax,
“Now into its fifth year, the Top 100 celebrates the cities’ most influential people. From actors to activists, scientists to sports stars and chefs to CEOs, the Top 100 will have changed Sydney and Melbourne in some way in 2011 — whether it’s by making a difference in their field, setting a trend or contributing above and beyond what is expected of them.”

I am truly honoured to be on the list, which also celebrates names such as Cadel Evans, David Manne and Ruslan Kogan. What was awesome too was seeing friends like Chantelle Baxter and other social entrepreneurs fill up the spots, putting faces to the voice of an entire generation of young people dedicated to making this world a better place.

While I still puzzle as to how I have been chosen, I think the key thought that crosses my mind is the feeling of grace. The undeserved, unearned sense of being given a gift. OZhut, which started 3 years ago, and celebrates nearly 10 times growth from our 1st to 3rd year is a mixture of hard work, opportunity and grace – that of those people that have given of themselves to make it what it is today.

I am a very lucky person, living in a very lucky country. I shall not take any of that for granted as we strive to make the entire world(starting with our own Marvellous Melbourne) a better place for our global family.

The Age Melb Magazine – Top100 2011:

Page 60 – Number 55(grace) – ME!

p.s. And yes, I did play 18 hours of Ragnarok Online a day, failed 3 Uni subjects in 3rd year 1st semester 2006. Lessons learnt in that one too. Another post another day perhaps?

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